USB Implementers Forum

USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has announced the final definition of the USB 4 standards. The speed and other technical information of the new USB connection, announced in recent weeks, have also become official.USB 4.0 details clear.4.0, a newly developed standard for USB, the world’s most popular connection type, brings many innovations. The most important difference of the new USB standard is the 40 Gbps transfer rate. This means that the current speed standards will be doubled. With this new connection standard, especially large file transfers are expected to be much faster.

USB 4, which will use the same infrastructure as the USB Type-C, which is still in use as a form factor, will not need a special cable. However, in order to use this standard, both devices will need USB 4 support. The USB 4 standard, which can run two 4K or one 5K displays with 100 Watt power supply, also supports external graphics cards.Since the standard is very new, the first devices using USB 4 are expected to be available from 2020 onwards.

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