Owned by Elon Musk

SpaceX conducted the test flight of the prototype of the new generation rocket in southern Texas. The rocket landed again after reaching the level of 150 meters.Elon Musk’s Mars rocket successfully completed the test flight!SpaceX , owned by Elon Musk, flew the Starhopper prototype rocket, designed to test the next generation of the Starshipper raptor , the manned spacecraft Starship , which he planned to send around the Moon in 2023 and to Mars later in southern Texas. . A few seconds after the engine started, the spaceship took off within seconds and rose to 150 meters from the ground. In the meantime, let’s also mention that the Starhopper’s test tool is shorter than the fact.“Starship is a reusable system designed to provide our customers with low-cost and reliable launch services and to serve as an interplanetary flight system , Kate said Kate Tice , an SpaceX engineer .

Starhopper , which is likened to a water tower because of its design , is said to be subjected to longer-distance test flights.Considered to be very important for the future Starship rocket, after 2020 Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy is expected to take the place of rocket and Dragon capsule. SpaceX aims to launch its first cargo mission to the red planet Mars in 2022 with this rocket .

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