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WhatsApp messaging platform

WhatsApp messaging platform , which has the most users in the world , has released a beta version in the past weeks and offered its self-erasing messages feature. However, the company decided to release this feature, which is expected to come with the original version.WhatsApp is giving up this feature!WhatsApp …

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Special way for smartphone users

Since smartphones, which became an integral part of daily life, lead to dangerous situations for pedestrians, a special path was made for smartphone users in Poland. The way the municipality did not pedestrians.In Warsaw, a smart phone route was built for pedestrians who did not drop their smartphones while walking …

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We are doing sport

We are doing a lot of work to give our players a better experience of Artificial Intelligence Defense and Artificial Intelligence Teammate movement / position / reactions. These issues were frequently voiced by our players and were requested for the next version of FIFA: The renewed Defense System will be …

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Scarlett gaming

Microsoft announces Project Scarlett, the next generation Xbox console. He’s coming out in late 2020. Project Scarlett will go out with Halo Infinite during the 2020 holiday season to raise the bar in terms of console power, speed and performance. A specially designed processor with Zen 2 architecture and powered …

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