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Based technology giant Oppo

China-based technology giant Oppo’s Turkey General Manager Weijia Zhou, for the market of Turkey 2020 roadmap when making belonging description, but also the company’s catheter how far Since entry into Turkey market was passed.Oppo 2020 has shared its roadmap for Turkey market!Oppo is one of the world’s leading smart phone …

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The upcoming firmware source code

The upcoming firmware source code found Xiaomi models that will receive Android 10 updates in the future .Xiaomi phones that will get Android 10 update announced!There aren’t many Xiaomi phones currently receiving updates for Android 10 . However, thanks to members of the XDA Developers community, it turned out which …

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Samsung has started to work on technology

Samsung, one of the major brands in the smart phone market, wants to continue its success in the hands. The company made important statements about 6G. The statement said the company will invest in future partners, including the sixth generation of mobile networks and system chips, indicating that the plans …

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Use secure connection

With the acceleration of digital transformation, many services and processes for both corporate and end users have been managed with web applications. From banking to education, from health to transportation, many processes go through web applications. Ensuring the security of these applications, which has become a critical component of modern …

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One of Xiaomi’s best known

One of Xiaomi’s best known products, the Mi Band series, has been updated. Mi Band 4 has been officially introduced for a while where lots of information has been downloaded to the Internet, the price is certain and even pre-ordered. The Xiaomi has achieved significant sales success with the Mi …

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