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Led to the digitization of the Vodafone

Led to the digitization of the Vodafone operates with the vision, it continues to contribute to the development of local and national production. Within this scope, Vodafone has activated 250 ULAK base stations in the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia regions, becoming the most active ULAK base station in its …

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Personal Data Protection Board

Personal Data Protection Board recognized KVKK eg a statement from the website of the e-commerce site is located between Turkey announced that it has experienced a data breach.There was a data breach on!KVKK announced that there was a data breach in and that the investigation is continuing. …

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Samsung is preparing to launch

Samsung is preparing to launch the new model smartphones Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20 and Galaxy Fold 2 launch dates have emerged.Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20 and Galaxy Fold 2 launch date has been announced!Samsung is expected to perform the introduction of the new smartphone models have been announced for …

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Samsung has started to work on technology

Samsung, one of the major brands in the smart phone market, wants to continue its success in the hands. The company made important statements about 6G. The statement said the company will invest in future partners, including the sixth generation of mobile networks and system chips, indicating that the plans …

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Special way for smartphone users

Since smartphones, which became an integral part of daily life, lead to dangerous situations for pedestrians, a special path was made for smartphone users in Poland. The way the municipality did not pedestrians.In Warsaw, a smart phone route was built for pedestrians who did not drop their smartphones while walking …

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Trump reacted to NASA’s project to the Moon

US President Donald Trump reacted to NASA on the way back from Ireland to the United States. Ump Despite all the money we’ve spent, NASA shouldn’t still talk about going to the Moon, biz said Trump. They should focus on the bigger things we do, including Mars. however, this statement …

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